Dog and owner get matching pacemakers after being diagnosed with heart blocks

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A dog has had a pacemaker fitted to combat a heart condition - just like her owner!

Both Catherine Pipon and her pooch Molly suffer from "heart blocks", where the organ beats too slowly - but with their matching devices, they're both fighting fit.

Catherine, 41, first realised something was wrong in 2011, when she started to faint frequently.

Molly who had a pacemaker

Mollie, pictured at the front.

After being diagnosed, she was fitted with her pacemaker, which immediately helped.

And three years later, she noticed her five-year-old Cairn Terrier was getting out of breath easily when they were walking on the beach.

Tests confirmed that Molly had the same heart condition and needed a Medtronic device - just like her owner!

The poorly pooch was flown to Herfordshire, where she underwent the £3,500 operation in the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals in North Mymms.

She said: "I was relieved. Having been through it myself, I knew she would be able to lead a healthy, normal life after it was fitted.

"Now we both see the same doctor for check-ups; I have my pacemaker checked during normal working hours, but we take Molly after hours when there aren't any other patients around."

It just shows, women can be a dog's best friend too!

By Caterina Rossi

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