Boy is scared Dad will eject him into space for being naughty!

Published Thursday, Feb 19 2015, 19:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
How do you keep your kids in check? A stern telling-off? The naughty step?

Well, one dad has come up with a unique way to ensure his four-year-old son is good - by threatening to send him into outer space if he misbehaves!

Jonny Corbett has told his little boy, Charlie, that if he presses the red SOS button in his BMW, it will eject him into space and he won't be able to come back.

The teasing father videos his son, begging him not to press the button that will trigger the ejector seat.

In the one-and-a-half-minute recording, the little boy shouts: "No, no, no don't press it! No, Daddy, no. Just close it up!"

And then, when asked who he would never see again if he goes to space, Charlie, in a sad little voice, says: "Mummy." Aw, poor Charlie!

But the cheeky boy seems to know how to work his way around his 29-year-old daddy: "If I say I love you, and I kiss you and I play with you, that means I'll never go into space and you shouldn't press that button."

In the end, the two agree that the button will be pressed only if it's an emergency.

But don't worry, it's only a joke. Jonny, from York, was quoted in the Daily Star, saying: "I'm really not that mean to Charlie."

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