Lucky baby survives falling onto train tracks straight after being born!

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An extremely lucky baby has survived falling through a train toilet and onto the tracks, just minutes after he was born.

His 22-year-old mum was travelling on a train in India when she started to feel contractions.

The lady, known only as Manu, rushed to the bathroom where she gave birth to her son but immediately fainted after doing so.

Newborn baby

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Indian train toilets are often just a hole and, with no-one to catch him, the newborn dropped straight through the gap and onto the line.

Fortunately, the train had briefly stopped and a man heard the baby boy crying. He quickly alerted rail staff and police, who rushed him to hospital.

Meanwhile, Manu's family found her in the toilet but the train had already departed.

Eventually she was taken to hospital when the train arrived at the next station and she has since been reunited with her son.

Chief medical officer Dr S. P. Rohilla confirmed that the pair are both doing well.

Dr Vedpal Bijrania examined the newborn and was quoted in the Daily Mirror saying: "He has no serious injuries and all tests were normal. But he is underweight, at only 4lb 7oz, and we are keeping him under watch."

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