Loyal dog Sissy walks over two miles to visit owner in hospital!

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One adorable dog missed her owner so much, that she walked over two miles to visit her in hospital!

Nancy Franck, 64, had been admitted to start treatment for ovarian cancer but when she was gone for two weeks, pet pooch Sissy decided enough was enough.

So the 11-year-old mini Schnauzer took matters into her own paws and made a break from home, eventually arriving at Mercy Medical Centre.

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Nancy's husband Dale, 66, noticed that Sissy had disappeared from their home in Iowa, at 1.30am last Saturday (7 February).

He had no idea where their hound had disappeared to until hospital staff called him to say she'd turned up at the hospital at around 5.30am.

Hospital security officer Samantha Conrad explained: "We started looking at the tags and saw how far away this dog lived. It was quite an amazing journey that she made."

And who knows how she knew where her poorly owner was?!

Daughter Sarah went to pick up the caring canine and was given permission to take Sissy for a quick visit to see Nancy in bed.

Made up with her pet's surprise appearance, Nancy was quoted in The Sun saying: "It was great just being able to see her. It was perfect. I'm glad she thought of it."

Dale explained: "Nancy had a close relationship with Sissy. We bought her when she was just eight weeks old. I'd say we didn't pick her – she picked us."

What a devoted dog!

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