Teen has the first ever operation to make his penis smaller

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One teenager is thought to be the first person in the world to undergo a penis reduction.

While men have been known to go under the knife to have their appendage made bigger, this particular 17-year-old was desperate to have his willy decreased.

Before the procedure, the organ was almost seven inches in length and a whopping ten inches in circumference - around the same size of a grapefruit.

Man in underwear

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And that was just when it was flaccid – eek!

The American lad begged for something to be done after his huge private parts meant he was struggling to play sports or have sex.

Dr Rafael Carrion, from America's University of South Florida, was quoted in the Daily Star explaining: "His penis was inflated like a balloon. It sounds like a man's dream but unfortunately although it was a generous length, the girth was just massive, especially around the middle."

The teenager had suffered from priapism – a series of unwanted erections – which led to swelling and left it bloated and misshapen.

Dr Carrion explained that the surgery was "a bit like having two side tummy tucks", as it involved cutting out segments of tissue from either side of the body part.

The chap is said to be "ecstatic" with his new manhood, with Dr Carrion adding: "It looks cosmetically appealing and the patient said it was a life-changing event."

Big clearly isn't always better...

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