A nation of chocoholics! We eat three bars of chocolate every week!

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The girls in the Reveal office love a square (or two) of chocolate - and it turns out we're not the only ones.

Did you know the average chocolate eater in the UK gets through three chocolate bars a week - that's more than 150 a year!

We're a nation of chocoholics

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43% of Brits lied about amount of choc they eat

In fact, us Brits are eating so much of the sweet stuff, we're being forced to scoff it in secret as almost half of us are lying to our partners about how just how much we're tucking into.

In a new survey by the British Heart Foundation, a third of the 3,000 adults surveyed said they eat chocolate on the way home from work so nobody can see them and 13 per cent wait until their partner leaves the room.

Another 13 per cent ate it behind the fridge door and 12 per cent under the covers.

Are they trying to hide their chocolate indulgence or are they just getting out of sharing?!

But it doesn't end there - 43 per cent said that they'd hidden chocolate wrappers to disguise how much they ate!

And it's very hard to cut back. A quarter of those questioned said they found chocolate harder to give up than alcohol - and sex!

To try and ease us off our calorie addiction, the British Heart Foundation are setting us a choc challenge - the UK's first ever "Detchox".

They're encouraging people to sign up and give up their naughty treat habits for the whole of March to save money, shed a few pounds and to raise money for the life-saving research.

For more information on going choc-total, visit their website.

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