Wallet is returned to man two years after he dropped it into the sea!

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We all know how frustrating it is when you lose your purse and how depressing it can be to think your money, bank cards and ID are gone forever.

So imagine how pleased Daniel Dymond must have been when his wallet was returned after two years - when he'd dropped it into the sea!

Daniel Dymond, reunited with wallet two years after he dropped it into the sea

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Daniel's wallet was returned after two years

The 23-year-old's leather holder had slipped out of his pocket at the Mayflower Marina in Plymouth.

The cleaner assumed that, having dropped into the murky depths, it was gone for good.

So he mustn't have been able to believe his luck when he had it returned to him two years later.

Diver Chris Church had spotted the waterlogged wallet while he was working in up to 100ft deep water and handed it into the Marina's reception. Because it still had his driving license and Lloyds bank card in it, staff were able to send it back to him.

What are the chances?!

Daniel was quoted in the Daily Mail, saying: "When I was told it was found I couldn't believe it. The water there is so deep I thought it was gone forever. I'm well chuffed."

If only we could all be this lucky!

By Anna Osbourne

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