Man finds a pearl in his oyster - 18 years after finding another one!

Published Friday, Feb 6 2015, 19:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
When you're tucking into an oyster, it's extremely rare that you'll find a pearl inside - but one chap has discovered two!

Seafood fan David Broomfield recently discovered his second precious stone while he was tucking into an oyster at Manning's Seafood stall in Margate.

Oyster with pearl

© Getty Images / Tetra Images

The 73-year-old from Broomfield, Herne, heads to the seaside town on a weekly basis to pick up whelks and, when they're available, oysters.

And it's not the first time that he's stumbled across one – back in 1997, the lucky man found a smaller one when he was enjoying a meal in Falmouth.

But despite his success, he reckons that he won't be able to form a piece of jewellery from the pretty pieces anytime soon.

The oyster fan was quoted in the Canterbury Times explaining: "At this rate it's going to take me some time to make up a necklace. I might make a pair of earrings if I'm lucky, but at 73, I don't really think it's likely!"

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