University of East Anglia builds "Nap Nook" for sleepy students!

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Ever been in the office and wish you could have a quick ten-minute power nap? Well, one uni is encouraging their students to do just that!

The University of East Anglia has introduced a "Nap Nook" where pupils can head for a quick doze when they're feeling tired from all their partying - and studying, of course.

Student napping in library

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Students will no longer need to nap in the library

Featuring comfortable beanbags, blackout curtains and white noise, this cosy room has been designed as the perfect place to catch a few winks.

There are also eye masks and anti-microbial pillows in the room, which is open from noon 'til 6pm every day.

Sounds like a complete "dream" to us!

Sleepy students can either just turn up or reserve a slot of 40 minutes in the nook, which will be monitored by CCTV to make sure they abide by the rules - no hanky panky there then!

Liam McCafferty, 23, a postgraduate education officer from the uni's student union, explained that the combo of studying and socialising can sometimes take its toll on getting some shut eye.

And sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley was quoted in the Daily Mail stating that it's a good idea - if it's being used for the right reasons.

"If the students are needing the nap room because they are working hard, then I am 100 per cent for that."

We only wish that this had been around when we were at uni....

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