Girl cycling to sister's wedding in Greece as she can't afford airfare!

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One girl is going to be cycling to her step-sister's wedding in Greece as she can't afford the airfare!

When Grainne Canavan's sister, Charmaine, announced she was getting married in Europe, the fact that she was skint wasn't going to stop her from attending the ceremony on the island of Cephalonia.

Grainne Canavan, cycling to Greece for sister's wedding

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Instead, after talking over the problem with her friends, the 26-year-old cyclist from Cardiff has decided to ride there on her bike.

The young cyclist has already mapped out her journey, which will take her to Newhaven for a cross channel ferry to France, before going through Switzerland and Italy and finally ending up in Greece a few days before the service in June.

The 1,800-mile journey will take her 20 days and she plans on spending her nights camping by the road to save money. Unable to carry too much stuff, her dad will be bringing her outfit for the wedding.

Grainne Canavan, who has already cycled the 1,100 miles from Lands End to John O'Groats, was quoted in the Daily Mirror, saying: "I am a bit scared, but my legs are pretty strong and I'm sure I can do it. The Alps will be the hardest part. My sister thought I was crazy at first but she's come round to the idea and now thinks it's lots of fun - as long as I make it there in one piece."

Following the wedding, Grainne plans on flying back to Britain with her bike. A well-deserved rest, we'd say!

By Joice Etutu

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