Lucky cat Chloe survives six weeks stuck down a chimney

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One extremely lucky cat is recovering after spending an astonishing six weeks stuck down a chimney.

Marianne and Patrick Wood had left their feline friend, Chloe, with a neighbour while they went on a dream six-week trip to Australia and Vietnam to visit their son Stephen.

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But the miserable moggy missed her home so much that, on 6 December – just two days after her owners had arrived in Vietnam, she tried to break back in by sneaking down the chimney.

Neighbours spent a week searching for the seven-year-old kitty and Marianne even emailed over a photo so they could make "missing" posters.

It was only when the pair returned from their break to their Dorset home that the mystery of the missing feline began to unfold.

After hearing faint meows, retired oil worker Patrick cut into the fireplace, where a very poorly and skinny Chloe was found!

Retired teacher Marianna was quoted in the Daily Express, explaining: "I thought I was going mad. She wouldn't have fallen down the chimney by accident because she is so sure-footed."

Chloe was rushed to vets, where the poor puss was revealed to have lost half her body weight and given just a 50/50 chance of survival.

But, fortunately, after being put on a drip and being handfed tiny bits of food, Chloe's strength gradually returned and she was finally allowed home.

A relieved Marianna said: "She must have used up about eight of her nine lives in one go!"

With both cats and humans getting stuck down chimneys in the last month, we hope everyone realises they are for use by Santa only!

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