Struggling to sleep? Check out these tips to help you sleep

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Blitzing those January blues can be tough, but making sure you get enough sleep is one of the best ways to keep your energy up in the chilly weather.

There are times when we all struggle to get a good night's sleep and if you find yourself tossing and turning all night long, we've got some great tips that could help you drift away to the land of nod.

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Mattress company Bensons for Beds and The Sleep School's Dr. Guy have revealed some solutions to battling sleepless nights…

Stop the late night snacks!

No matter how peckish you are, stop eating at least two hours before you intend to go to sleep. And if you're a coffee addict, try to limit your caffeine to before 2pm - and only have two to three cups a day.

Quit that late night Facebook-sesh

Phones, tablets and TVs all emit light, which stop the production of the sleep hormone Melatonin that helps regulate sleep. Put the electrics away and unwind in bed with a magazine or book, instead of a rerun of Friends.

Think positively

Don't dwell on negative thoughts late at night. Instead, try to focus on something else, like how cosy your duvet and pillows are. Mindfulness is proven to reduce the time taken to nod off and improve the quality of your sleep.

Take a nap

If you're in need of a mid-day energy boost, have a doze that's no longer than 30 minutes, between 12 and 3pm. A power nap can increase alertness levels by 100 per cent for up to four hours afterwards. (Hard to do when you're at work, we know...)

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Stay in bed

If you're waking up in the middle of the night, try not to leave your bed. Getting up will train your body to wake up more frequently – and nobody wants that.

Create the perfect sleep setting

Make your bedroom ideal for snoozing – it should be quiet, dark and comfortable. And, although it is tempting, don't snuggle up too warmly - the optimal temperature for a great night's sleep is 17 degrees celsius.

Stick to a regular routine

Head to bed at roughly the same time each night. By maintaining a regular body clock, you'll help to strengthen the link between nighttime and hitting the hay.

Hit the gym

An late afternoon exercise session will tire you out and lead to a deeper sleep.

Find that perfect mattress

Getting yourself an excellent mattress will provide the utmost support and comfort for your body. Spend time considering how soft or firm your prefer your mattress to ensure you get the perfect sleep.

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