Dead husband predicts widow's £246,000 lottery win

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One widow didn't only hear from her dead husband, he also - correctly - predicted she'd win the lottery.

Jackie Beresford visited a psychic to contact her late husband David and was told he was going to help her financially. Just two weeks later, she scooped £246,000 in a work syndicate.

Jackie Beresford, won lottery after her dead husband predicted it

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The 57-year-old from Plymouth, Devon, was married to David for 26 years before he passed away from cancer on Valentine's Day last year.

Desperate to hear from him again, Jackie visited the medium who not only managed to contact David but also received good news.

The widow was quoted in the Daily Mail, saying: "She told me my husband had one regret, that he had not left me in a better financial situation - but that he had a plan."

Just a fortnight later, Jackie and her 14 other Tesco night shift workers who won a grand total of £3.7 million. How spooky is that?!

Since her amazing win, the grandmother-of-eight has completely changed her life, paying off her mortgage and redecorating her house.

She is now planning on taking the whole family on a fun-filled holiday to Florida.

She added, "I just know he's shining down on me and looking after me, and this was his way of doing it."

What a lovely twist of fate.

By Alana Cannon

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