Dog taken to vets for eating chocs but scan shows he'd swallowed 5 toys!

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One peckish pooch found himself in a spot of bother after biting off far more than he could chew - quite literally!

Booster was originally taken to the vets because he'd eaten a whole tin of Quality Street chocolates, but it turned out that was the least of his tummy troubles as an X-ray revealed five doggy toys in his stomach.

Owners Jackie and Gary Kelly initially took their Alaskan Malamute for help after finding him bloated and in pain after snacking on leftover festive chocolates.

Alaskan Malamute dog, tongue hanging out

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The pair, from Plymouth, Devon, took their pet to the vets, where he was cared for and allowed home after two days.

But Booster's pain didn't go and a concerned Gary took him back to the vets a few weeks later.

It was then a further X-ray revealed that the mutt had actually wolfed down five dog toys! No wonder he was suffering so much!

Stunned Gary, 55, was quoted in Daily Mail explaining: "He takes them off other dogs in the park and tends to chew them up, so we try to keep him away from balls.

"But never thought he would eat one, let alone five."

Adam Coulson from Plymouth Veterinary Hospital said that Booster's original problem was the gas from munching the choccies but explained when the canine returned: "X-rays showed some very strange shadows in his abdomen and exploratory surgery yielded two balls and three toys from his now slightly sagging stomach."

The eight-year-old mutt is now recovering from his surgery.

He certainly made a dog's dinner out of his bad eating habits!

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