Online dating isn't just for the young: couple find love in their 80s!

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Dating websites don't just have to be for the young, as one couple who met online in their 80s have proved!

John Humphreys, 84, and Judith Law, 81, had both been with their previous partners for more than 50 years but, tragically, they both passed away.

John Humphreys and Judith Law met online in their 80s

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So the pair of silver surfers decided to test the power of the internet and search for companionship online.

And it seemed the couple were destined to be together, as John is a lyricist and Judith is a pianist - it's like something out of a Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore film!

John saw Judith's advert, saying: "Accompanist seeking soloist for romantic duets."

The rest, as they say, is history and the couple from Devon are now set to get married on 24 January 2015.

And they're so happy, they want to encourage other lonely octogenarians to join dating sites too.

Judith was quoted in the Daily Mirror, saying: "We feel so fortunate to meet up at this stage in our lives and find happiness together. Now we would like to help encourage older people who are afraid to use a dating agency.

John added: "We want people not to fear dating agencies but to welcome them as a way of finding companionship."

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