Snap! Baby crocodile gets photographed seconds after hatching from egg!

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Check out this amazing photo of a baby croc who had just hatched from its egg seconds before this shot was taken.

This seawater crocodile may be teeny-tiny at the moment but it will eventually grow pretty big, as this particular species is the largest in the reptile world.

Baby crocodiles hatch at Crocodylus Park, Darwin, Australia, 12/1/15

© Rex Features / Elise Derwin / Newspix

What's more, although the critter is quite cute, this Australian breed is actually the world's most aggressive.

In fact, they're known to some as the animal most likely to eat a human! We definitely don't want to be cuddling up to one of these anytime soon.

The photo was taken to celebrate 2015's first batch of crocodile eggs to hatch at Crocodylus Park, Darwin, Australia.

We wonder who snapped more – the photographer or the croc?!

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