Woman has friends etch a penis on shoulder after one too many drinks

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While we often hear about dodgy tattoos that people regret, we think this one could well be the worst – one lass had a man's penis etched on her shoulder.

Holly Aston was just 17 years old when she ended up with the rather embarrassing body art.

Holly's penis tattoo

© Channel 4/Bodyshockers

The party girl had had one too many drinks with friends when she instructed them to use the tattoo gun she'd bought online to draw the male appendage on her - but it wasn't long before she regretted her decision.

Now 20, the Birmingham-based woman appears on Channel 4's Bodyshockers tonight, where she explains that she shrieked: "Oh God, what have I done?" when she woke up the day after the drunken disaster.

Holly showing her mum the tattoo

© Channel 4/Bodyshockers

Holly was so mortified that she kept it a secret from her parents for two years and even cancelled family holidays so they wouldn't see it.

But on the show, she plucks up the courage to reveal the tat to her mum and dad, with presenter Katie Piper by her side for moral support.

Understandably, they were pretty horrified at their daughter's tattoo choice and Holly even admits that the etching had ruined her life.

Holly ends up getting her ink removed on the show and afterwards declares her relief, saying: "I feel I can start afresh now."

We don't blame her!

Bodyshockers: Nips, Tucks and Tattoos airs tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm

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