The five-year-old fashionista who recreates A-listers' dresses!

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When we were five years old, we were forced to wear whatever dodgy dress our mum put us in but one little tot is already making a name for herself in the fashion world by designing her own outfits!

Known only as "Mayhem", this creative kid makes her very own outfits out of tissue paper, gift bags and tape - and she's only just started school!

Mayhem in a purple dress she created

© Instagram / 2sisters_angie

Mayhem's doting parents will snap their daughter in each ensemble, which is then uploaded to her mum's Instagram for her 452,000 followers to check out.

And it's not just her own designs that she puts together, the blogger also recreates the fancy red carpet frocks that celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry wear.

Jennifer Lawrence at Golden Globes, 12/1/14

© Rex Features / ddp USA

Mayhem recreating Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globes dress

© Instagram / 2sisters_angie

The talented toddler from Ohio, U.S, has even been snapped up by fashion brand J Crew to create a kids' collection that will be stocked in their shops – how amazing is that?

Jenny Cooper, who is head of the brand, was quoted in the Independent discussing the collaboration: "When we met with Mayhem we were really curious to see how she would work and were amazed to watch this barely four-year-old girl start meticulously folding the pleats on a skirt and and placing stones very specifically on a top.

Mayhem designing her J Crew collection

© Instagram / 2sisters_angie/J Crew

Mayhem designing her J Crew collection.

"She has such an inventive and creative personality that really resonated with us."

The range is due to hit shops in late spring and will feature an array of dresses, tops and accessories created by the pint-sized fashion designer.

At the rate that this cutie's career is going, she'll be running her own fashion house by the age of ten!

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