Forget fingerprints - burglar is traced through prints from his ear!

Published Friday, Jan 9 2015, 19:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
It turns out crooks have to be very clever to get away with crime these days after one burglar was tracked down by his prints from his ear on a crime scene!

The anonymous thief would listen through keyholes in homes in Antwerp, Belgium, to see if anyone was in, before breaking into the properties.


© Getty Images / Baran azdemir

But although he may have thought he was being cunning, he was actually leaving prints on each door - which turned out to be enough evidence for the police to find him!

And it's not the first time that robbers have been busted after leaving traces at the scene.

Recently, one chap stole from a café, but was caught out after munching a mince pie and leaving his DNA behind.

Oh dear!

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