Late to the party! Town puts up Christmas decorations in January!

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Although it's sad taking down the Christmas decorations, it's even more depressing – as well as unlucky – to have the lights and tinsel still up once the festive season is well and truly over.

However, one town has only just got round to decorating their tree!

Walsall Council held a discussion over whether they could afford the lights to dress a tree in the centre of Brownhills, West Midlands.

Town with Christmas tree

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Unfortunately, councilors failed to come to a decision over whether to replace the £600 lights until Christmas had been and gone.

It was eventually agreed that funds could be allocated on the decorations. But rather than waiting until next year, the council has put the lights up in January, renaming them "Winter Lights".

Residents aren't impressed with the idea and have dubbed it as a "joke".

George Tomkins, a 44-year-old shop owner from the town, was quoted in the Daily Mail saying that it had made the town "a laughing stock".

Talk about being late to the party!

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