Man sells Caribbean honeymoon on eBay after fiancée leaves him!

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One man has taken to eBay to find someone to go on his honeymoon with him after his fiancée broke off their engagement.

John Whitbread decided to put the spare ticket to the Dominican Republic on the website after girlfriend Amy told him she no longer wanted to marry him.

John Whitbread on eBay lisiting

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The 32-year-old chap from Donisthorpe, Leicestershire, is on the lookout for a willing lass who will accompany him on the £1,950 trip to a four-star luxury resort.

On the advert, John wrote: "I'm not boring. I'm adventurous otherwise I wouldn't be doing something as ridiculous as this."

He described the trip as a "once in a lifetime opportunity" and "one to tell the grandkids".

John was "gutted" when Amy, who he had been with for two years, admitted she couldn't go ahead with the wedding.

Originally, he tried to get a refund for the two-week break but, after being told he could only get half the cost back, John decided to make the most of his situation.

Screenshot of John Whitbread's eBay listing

© eBay/whitb.uk2015

He was quoted in the Daily Star explaining: "I realised I couldn't mope forever and I didn't want what I'd already paid to go to waste. I'm just looking for a new friend who fancies a holiday with someone fun."

The holiday has already received a whopping 47 bids on the auction website and is currently at £1,151.00. So John has also decided to donate any dosh over £1,050 to a testicular cancer charity.

He added: "People have said I've got real balls to do this. So I thought I might as well try and make money for charity if I can."

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