Farmer's daughter reveals that she's terrified of milk!

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A farmer's daughter has a rather inconvenient phobia – of milk!

Despite growing up on a farm full of cows with dad, Bun, Joannah Symes has a massive fear of the dairy product.

The student from the Isle of Wight hates just being around the liquid and admits that her worse nightmare is having a jug of the drink poured over her.


© Getty Images / antonios mitsopoulos

The 23-year-old avoids tea, coffee, hot chocolate and milkshakes so she doesn't have to come into contact with it - and when she worked in a café, she had to scrub her hands raw every time she handled a milk bottle.

Joannah was quoted in The Sun explaining: "I used to guzzle down milk, but as soon as I was old enough to understand where it came from, I couldn't stand it.

"I dislike the fact that it's made inside a cow and then we drink it. The thought of it makes me feel sick."

Although Joannah kept her phobia a secret during school and university, she's recently had to be truthful about the unique repulsion.

She explained: "It got so bad that people notice me flinch when I was around milk and I had to confess my fear.

"I just hope it doesn't get any worse."

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