Woman gets herself stuck down chimney without any clothes on!

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One woman was left red-faced when she got herself stuck down a chimney - totally naked!

The unnamed lady from Woodcrest, California, was attempting to get back into the home of her ex-boyfriend, Tony Hernandez, in the early hours of Saturday (3 January) morning.

Woman stuck down chimney

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But when she failed to get a response after knocking on the door, she decided to make her way into the house by removing her clothes and sliding down the chimney.

Didn't she realise it's only Santa Claus who can get into houses that way?

Unsurprisingly, the 35-year-old soon found herself jammed down the 12in by 12in hole.

We've all done some pretty silly things after a break-up but we bet she was mortified when Tony spotted her soot-coated legs hanging from the fireplace when he got up for work in the morning.

He was quoted in the Daily Star explaining: "I tried to get her out but it was too hard."

How embarrassing?!

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