Adorable litter of puppies found abandoned is "unwanted Christmas present"

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Chances are we all got something we didn't really like this Christmas. But amid the unwanted socks and discarded scarves, how could anyone turn away this adorable litter of puppies?

The seven siblings were found cruelly abandoned in a laundry basket on the side of a busy road in Chertsey, Surrey, without any food or water.

Litter of abandoned puppies

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Awww. Can we have one?

The cross-breed pups, who are only seven weeks old, were rescued by a passer by last week after spending several days in icy conditions.

They are now safe and sound at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in Old Windsor.

It is still unclear who dumped the tiny pooches. However animal rescue workers believe they were deliberately deserted after not selling as presents for Christmas.

Kaye Mughal, centre manager at the Battersea Cats & Dogs home, told the Daily Mirror: "Given the timing we're worried they were bred as Christmas presents by someone looking to make a quick buck, but when they failed to sell they were disposed of."

She added: "Dumping animals without food or water near a road could have disastrous consequences, but thankfully a member of the public acted quickly and they're now recovering from their ordeal."

Festively named Bauble, Santa, Elf, Tinsel, Holly, Rudolph and Garland, the cute pups will start their search for a new home next year.

And with those gorgeous faces, we don't think the hunt will take long!

by Hannah Last

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