Hero monkey saves ape friend after train track electrocution

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We think this might be the most heart-warming video we've ever seen – a hero monkey saved his pal when he received an electric shock and fell onto the train tracks.

The little cutie had been climbing the overhead power stations at an Indian train station when he suffered the electric shock and dropped to the ground.

Monkey saving his friend, 23/12/14

© YouTube / Game Zon

But fortunately all was not lost, as the fella's doting friend jumped down and attempted to help the poor primate before a train arrived on to the tracks.

We were on the edge of our seats as we watched the video of the heroic animal attempting to resuscitate and wake up his pal.

Monkey saving friend 2. 23/12/14

© YouTube / Game Zon

Passengers on the platform in Kanpur, northern India, filmed the furry creature's twenty-minute-long rescue, where he desperately tried to wake the victim by shaking him and biting his head.

And thankfully in the end, the quick-thinking monkey managed to awake his chum by dipping him into a pool of water. The kind monkey then speedily whisked the casualty away – just moments before a train arrived on the track!

Monkey washing friend after rescuing him. 23/12/14

© YouTube / Game Zon

He even have him a little wash after the trauma was over - aww!

What an amazing and dedicated friend.

Check out the full video here:

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