Annabel the pampered turkey set to enjoy a very merry Christmas!

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Tis the season to be scared if you're a turkey.

But not for Annabel, who is one very lucky bird - especially at this time of year - because she'll be experiencing a rather different Christmas compared to her more unfortunate family members.

Annabel, the luckiest turkey in the world

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Annabel was adopted by cleaner Jean Morrison in 2009 and since then, she has lived the life of luxury. And we mean luxury!

In December, while most of her kind will be being fattened up and roasted, Annabel is treated to her favourite snacks of steak and stilton cheese.

This Christmas, she'll also be given a girly makeover with nail varnish and jazzed up thanks to new hand-knitted leg warmers, which will keep her skinny legs cosy.

Jean, 49, from Canterbury in Kent told, the Sunday People: "Christmas is a difficult time of year for Annabel for obvious reasons, so I like to pamper her and make sure she enjoys it and feels loved. She rules the roost and even helps herself to festive food from the fridge."

Jean has spent a whopping £2,000 on her spoiled feathered-friend over the years, having splashed out on a paddling pool in the spring, new cuddly toys and a lined indoor bed for when the weather is too cold.

And despite weighing 34lbs, Annabel won't be shying away from her festive feast.

Jean admitted: "If anything she should be going on a diet but its Christmas and she wants to enjoy the over-indulgence like the rest of us."

The pampered pet's owner adopted Annabel five years ago, when a local farmer told her he was worried the little chick might be snatched by a weasel. And since then, the two have been inseparable.

Understandably Jean's family won't risk eating one of Annabel's cousins on 25 December, so they'll be having chicken instead.

In fact, we think it's fair to say that Annabel is the luckiest turkey in the world!

By Hannah Last

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