Chippie makes merry with deep-fried yule logs and mince pies!

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Christmas is that time of year that we can indulge in our favourite festive treats without feeling any guilt.

So one chippie is taking full advantage of this fact by offering customers the chance to sample some deep-fried festive treats.

Yule log - Chippie serves deep-fried yule logs for Christmas

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Topping the menu at £2.50 is a deep-fried yule log boasting a trouser-stretching 950 calories - almost the same as two Big Mac burgers from McDonald's!

The Reivers Fish Bar in Duns, Scottish Borders is also serving up three deep-fried mince pies for just £1 and a battered Christmas pudding for £1.50, all finished off with a dollop of Scottish cream.

Rona Johnston who runs the shop with her partner told The Sun: "It seems like it would be a bit too weird, but a deep fried Yule log is very tasty. Customers love it."

The Fish Bar has a reputation for deep-frying unusual treats such as Oreo cookies and Cadbury's Creme Eggs. Ms Johnston also said: "People often come in asking me to fry the strangest things. If it's possible, we'll give it a go!"

We know what you're thinking – how do we get there?

by Sophie Boyden

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