Woman draws on boyfriend's willy to check if he's cheated!

Published Friday, Dec 19 2014, 18:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
One woman is so worried that her boyfriend will cheat on her, that she signs and photographs his willy before he goes out!

The concerned lass appeared on the US TV show Steve Harvey where she discussed her unique method of ensuring her fella's loyalty.

Man in underwear

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Every time her man heads out, the woman, only known as Jeanne, signs his manhood and take a snap of it. Then when he returns home, she matches it up with the photo to check that it looks exactly the same.

She explained on the show why she feels the need to take such drastic measures and was quoted in the Daily Star saying: "He's the most gorgeous man I've ever seen and women just flock to him."

The suspicious lady added: "We both came up with this idea that if I get a marker out and sign his private parts, he can go and enjoy his guy time and I can enjoy my evening and not stress."

Well it's certainly one way of marking your territory!

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