Epic fail! Man flies off back of treadmill while checking out girl!

Published Thursday, Dec 18 2014, 19:40 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
We couldn't resist chuckling at this hilarious video of a man who gets caught in a spot of bother while checking out a girl!

The chap can be seen running on a treadmill in a gym but, rather than focusing on exercising, he's much more interested in the woman working out next to him.

Man falling off treadmill

© YouTube / Curious World News

So much so, that when he sneaks a glance at her, he goes flying off the back of the gym equipment. Not quite the best way to impress a girl!

However, the quick-thinking bloke quickly jumps to the floor and starts doing press-ups, just as the woman turns around...

Man doing push-ups after falling off treadmill

© YouTube / Curious World News

Although we reckon this video is a bit too good to be true - we don't know anyone who recover that quickly from such a fall! - it did give us a good laugh. And, more importantly, it's reminded us to always concentrate when we're hitting the gym.

Check out the video: Do you think it's a spoof? Tell us below!

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