Photos of turkeys re-enacting the stars from Gogglebox (and reading Reveal)!

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Move over Gogglebox's Steph and Dom, there are some new stars in town that are getting in a flap over television.

The hilariously named Gobblebox is exactly what you'd imagine – turkeys sitting down to give their own opinions on TV shows.

Turkeys reenacting June and Leon on Gobblebox

© TalkTalk

These feathery fellas have been used to create funny parodies of the Channel 4 stars, such as Leon and June – they've even got similar chairs!

While in the Steph and Dom snap, the birds can be seen chilling out with a few bottles of booze next to them.

Turkeys reenacting Steph and Dom on Gobblebox

© TalkTalk

But our favourite is of the bird version of Brixton's Sandy and Sandra, as the picture not only has couple of Pot Noodles, but also a copy of Reveal. Pretty good taste, if you ask us!

Turkeys reenacting Sandy and Sandra on Gobblebox

© TalkTalk

Talktalk set up the programme to mark their Christmas TV line-up.

Speaking about it, spokesperson Tristia Harrison said: "Christmas is unquestionably the best time of year for TV and we want to help families enjoy more of what they love.

"There is no animal more closely linked to Christmas than turkeys, so it was an obvious choice to cast them as our TV reviewers and hopefully it will be a fun way for people to get into the Christmas spirit."

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