Pets, adults & kids - a whopping 80% of Brits get Christmas stockings

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Despite many people finding modern gifts like tablets and smartphones under their Christmas tree, it seems like traditional treats are still popular, as 80 per cent of Brits expect to get a stocking this year!

But it's not all about generosity - parents admit that giving their kids the collection of smaller pressies was a way of getting an extra 40 minutes in bed. As most children will wake up at about 5.35am on the big day, we can completely understand. Ouch!

Christmas stockings

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However, even older adults expect to find a stuffed sock of goodies at the end of their bed, with nearly half of over 60s anticipating one from their partner or family. It just shows, you're never too old!

What's more, even pets are also getting in on the action, as more than two-thirds of owners said they'll be treating their pooch to a dog-friendly version.

The survey, which was carried out by Asda and spoke to 1,000 Brits, also found out that it's traditional items that are usually found in the stockings.

Coming out on top as the most popular treat was a good old-fashioned clementine, while other classic gifts included a wooden toy, chocolate coins and socks.

However, it seems that some recipients aren't huge fans of the old-school presents. As a quarter of those in their twenties admitted they never use the small gifts and would prefer not to get a stocking. Bah, humbug!

A spokesperson for Asda said: "Christmas is the one time of year where traditional values are held in high esteem. There's something about receiving a stocking that never grows old and makes you feel warm and fuzzy instead!"

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