Forty per cent of children have never built a snowman!

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One of our favourite memories about Christmas a kid is unwrapping presents, eating a huge dinner, then dashing outside in our scarves and gloves.

So we were really sad to find out that two-fifths of British children have never built a snowman!

Forty per cent of kids have never built a snowman

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Forty per cent of kids have never built a snowman

A new poll by money-saving website has revealed how parents keep their children entertained over the Christmas holidays - and playing in the snow didn't even make the top five.

Instead, festive films and computer games are the top ways of keeping kids from getting bored, followed by days out, Christmas arts and crafts, and baking Christmas treats .

The survey quizzed over 2,600 British adults who had a child aged four or over. Three-quarters of them admitted they were worried about entertaining their child over the festive period.

Over two-thirds admitted their children had never had a snowball fight and over half had never been sledding. And nearly four-fifths said their children had never made snow angels.

Nearly a third of parents admitted it was because they didn't want their children to catch a cold, 16 per cent didn't have the time to build snowmen, and 28 per cent didn't want them to get mucky in the snow.

Nick Swan, Founder and CEO of said: "It's saddening to hear that so many children haven't built a snowman yet – it's a Christmas tradition. It's a sure fire way to keep the children entertained whilst its snowing."

Come on, everyone - surely watching Frozen isn't as good as the real thing!

By Sophie Boyden

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