A quarter of us dress to impress their colleagues rather than partners!

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Us girls love the chance to buy a new outfit and put on our dancing shoes!

But did you know that nearly a quarter of women dress to impress their work colleagues rather than their partners at Christmas?

Quarter of women dress to impress colleagues rather than partners

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Who do you dress to impress>

A new survey by beauty product retailer Avon has shown that 23 per cent of women make the most effort with their appearance at the work Christmas party, putting it second only to Christmas day, where 29 per cent of women wanted to look their best.

The survey of over 2,000 Brits showed that only 12 per cent made the most effort at their partner's Christmas party and a tiny 6 per cent for Christmas dinner with the in-laws. Surely they don't mind us eating dinner in our onesie, do they?

Apart from catching up on gossip, one in ten women say their favourite thing about the office Christmas party is feeling confident in front of their colleagues.

And, surprisingly, our "confidence tools" are lipstick and mascara, rather than our favourite heels or newly-purchased LBD. Red lippie can work wonders, can't it?

Anthony Wells, Avon's executive Director for UK Commercial Marketing, says: "Our research shows that the office Christmas party is the time of year is when people look forward to showing off their personality to their colleagues.

"It is the time when we are perhaps bolder in our style choices than we might usually be in a work environment, meaning it is no surprise that feeling confident is so important."

By Sophie Boyden

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