Tenth of Brits are members of the exclusive Mile High Club!

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With air stewards walking around and the smallest toilets ever, joining the mile high club has always seemed a bit tricky to us, if not nigh on impossible.

So we were gobsmacked to discover that one in ten British adults have managed to get frisky on their flight.

Ten per cent of Brits are members of the mile high club

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A new survey by lastminute.com has shown 11 per cent of us have made love in the loo - and that 30 per cent of those were caught by the flight attendant. How embarrassing!

But although that may seem high, we're way behind French and German travellers. More than a quarter of French adults have had sex onboard, and 18 per cent of Germans have.

Thankfully, we're a bit kinkier than the Italians and the Spanish, of whom only six and four per cent respectively have ramped up the romance in the air.

The survey of 5,000 European adults was taken to mark the 100th birthday of the mile high club, which was established by pilot Lawrence Burst Sperry, who is thought to be the first (or second) member. He was also the inventor of the autopilot, which fittingly gave him the time to have hours of hands-free fun!

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