Man throws away £1,000 his wife had hidden in an old newspaper!

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One wife's seemingly harmless secret from her husband has cost them a whopping £1,000. Ouch!

The unnamed woman from Crawley, Sussex, hid £1,000 in an old newspaper without telling her husband.

Husband unknowingly threw away £1,000 his wife had hid in an old newspaper

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The man unknowingly threw away £1,000

So when he went to put out the rubbish, he threw away the cash as well. You have to give him credit for trying but that was one expensive mistake!

Sadly for the elderly couple, the dustmen carted the money away to the recycling centre amongst all the worthless rubbish and when they realised what had happened and tried calling the centre, it was too late.

Dean Martin, supervisor at Biffa, told the Daily Mirror: "We obviously didn't know either, and collected and dumped them, and the money was never recovered. There must have been a frosty atmosphere over dinner that evening once they learned we couldn't find it!"

By Elena Thompson

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