Brit hitchhiker travels round the US by getting rides on Tinder

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One cheeky Brit has hitchhiked around the states by using Tinder to get lifts from ladies!

Dan Beaumont, 24, was fed up of trying to wave down passing vehicles on the road, so decided to try his luck by using the dating app to woo girls.

And it certainly worked! The lad from Kendal, Cumbria, managed to charm 32 willing women into giving him lifts and ended up travelling a whopping 7,500 miles!

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Dan had found himself stuck in western Canada when he decided to ditch the old-fashioned attempt of hitching a ride and turn to Tinder.

He updated his profile on the app - which uses GPS to match you to people in your local area – by putting in his bio: "Nomadic traveller from Britain. Currently hitchhiking 12,000 miles across North America. Need to reach New York City by early November. Trying to get by through the generosity of wonderful people. Can you help me get there?"

And thanks to a bunch of helpful girls, the business graduate got himself from Canada to the Big Apple in just three months!

He refused to reveal if he actually hooked up with any of his doting drivers, telling The Sun: "A gentleman never tells."

But Dan did admit that he was surprised by his success and wrote an article for the Business Insider in which he explained: "I was astonished by the response.They all seemed to dig the British thing, too. I met some lovely ladies and had some fun."

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