Pizza could soon be counted as one of your five-a-day!

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Fancy some pizza but are trying to be healthy? Well, no need to worry, as the Italian dish could soon be counted as one of your five-a-day!

Public Health England (PHE) could soon allow the Government to print the label on pizzas and ready meals if they contain fruit or veg.

Research by PHE found that two per cent of pre-packaged food could be classed as "healthy". But despite containing one of your five-a-day, these food items can still have high levels of fat and sugar and so aren't allowed the label.


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The change has already happened in the US, where pizzas were even reclassified as a healthy vegetable in 2011 due to the tomato sauce base.

Officials have decided that the current policy for food items gaining a "five-a-day" label is too restrictive and that even healthy foods are getting shunned.

For example, a salad can't have the label if it contains nuts or a garnish.

Experts believe that by having more products feature the label, the amount of fruit and vegetables that people eat per day will increase.

Professor Judith Buttriss, director of the British Nutrition Foundation was quoted in the Daily Mail explaining: "If the framework for five-a-day is set so high it excludes virtually everything, that's not going to realistically help in getting more people to the target."

Any changes won't come in until next summer - but we won't be waiting 'til then to order our next pizza!

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