Check out this tiger's HUGE teeth as he undergoes operation

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You'd have to be pretty brave to go anywhere near a tiger - let alone their deadly teeth. But luckily for these vets, the big cat in question had been put under anaesthetic!

Amir the tiger was put to sleep to fix three of his gnashers after he'd gnawed on some bones and broke a canine and two incisors. Ouch!

Amir the tiger undergoing teeth operation, 8/12/14

© Leigh Dawney/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Staff at Howletts Wild Animal Park, where nine-year-old Amir lives, feared the 20-stone cat would develop a painful infection, so they took him to their on-site hospital, where dentist Dr Peter Kertesz performed a 75-minute procedure to fill his fangs.

The tooth expert was quoted in the Daily Mirror explaining that the upper canine was hardest, saying: "The tooth pulp was exposed and had become infected."

And the fang in question was 9cm-long - six times the length of a human's!

Amir is one of six Sumatran endangered tigers that lives at the park in Canterbury, Kent.

Ben Warren, head of carnivore section, added: "He is a lovely tiger. We knew a filling would be best to prevent deterioration."

We're sure his pearly whites will be back to looking their best in no time!

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