Missing cat returns home after an incredible 12 years!

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One cheeky cat has been reunited with his owner 12 long years after he first went missing!

Jemma Lough was gutted when her pet puss Toby went missing way back in 2002.

During the time he was gone, the 43-year-old got hitched to hubby Ant, 40, and even moved 70 miles away from her original home in Braintree, Essex, to Yaxley, in Cambridgeshire.

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So the medical writer was shocked when a vet recently left an answer phone message, saying little Toby, now 16, had been found!

The kitty was discovered in in the grounds of a drug rehabilitation centre two miles from Jemma's old home in Braintree, Essex. A volunteer found him and took him to the vets.

Fortunately, Jemma had updated her address when she moved home, and the vets were able to track her down thanks to Toby's microchip.

He's now settling in to his new home and has even been reunited with his mum, Jackie, 18, Jemma's other cat.

Jemma was quoted in the Daily Express talking about the emotional reunion: "There were a lot of tears when I first went to see him. It was overwhelming. He walked over and licked his mum's head when her saw her again for the first time." How adorable!

It's not sure where the adventurous feline has been for the last 12 years, as it's thought he was only at the drug centre for a few months.

But apart from getting arthritis, he seems to be okay. Jemma added: "He has been very well looked after. He looks a bit older, but he's got the same personality."

What a lucky fella!

Jemma is now urging all other pet owners to update their missing animals' microchips.

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