Lucky man finds £10k carving in £50 bag of rubble!

Published Thursday, Dec 4 2014, 17:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
One lucky gardener mustn't be able to believe his luck after discovering a ninth century stone carving in his bag of rockery rubble!

John Wyatt paid £50 for the gardening gear but the tiny stone alone could fetch a whopping £10,000!

Trowel in gravel

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The 32-year-old started cleaning the stone which revealed the 21in by 15in Anglo Saxon carving that featured a cross on one side and a bird on the other.

Speaking about his find, the Chester-based chap was quoted in the Daily Mirror saying: "It was lucky I was looking."

The pricy piece is set to go on sale at auction this Friday in Dorset.

Suddenly heading to our local garden centre seems a lot more appealing…

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