Historical selfies - Cleopatra and Julius Caesar take their own snaps!

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Kim Kardashian may think she's the queen of selfies, but she certainly wasn't the original. Marie Antoinette and Julius Caesar were capturing their own shots back in the day. Well sort of, anyway!

Okay, these aren't quite the real deal but how funny are these snaps of famous historical people getting in on the selfie action?

Cleopatra in bath selfie


Cleopatra herself can be spotted posing in the bath alongside the caption "Getting ready for date night tonight with @Marcus_Antonius1". We love her "EgyptianPrincess" Twitter handle!

Sir Walter Raleigh, who is credited with introducing the potato to our shores back in the day, can be seen taking a shot of himself and a spud, adding the line: "Wish I'd discovered cheese and beans as well LOL!"

Walter Rayleigh selfie


And another favourite has to be Julius Caesar, who can be seen partying with Marcus Junius Brutus, one of the men who helped to assassinate him in 44BC. The two can be spotted in the photo with the caption "Killer party tonight!" Er, no pun intended there then!

Julius Caesar selfie


The spoofs were created by HTC to launch their new Desire EYE smartphone. Ben Walsh, company spoksperson, said: "With literally millions of selfies filling social media feeds every day, the likes of Barack Obama, David Cameron and even Pope Francis are snapping shots of themselves and inadvertently documenting key moments from modern times.

"We wondered what it would be like if celebs from times past were taking snaps of themselves for social media – posting to an audience of adoring fans."

We bet even the TOWIE cast would be "well jel" of these pics!

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