It takes 32 years to become a man!

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Do you ever wish your other half would just grow up?

Well, you may have to wait until he's 32 - because that's the age it takes for most blokes to finally feel like a fully-fledged man!

Men don't feel grown up until they're 32

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Having a baby is a sign a man has grown up

A new survey by Dove Men Care revealed that 82 per cent of men still felt like boys until their early 30s. We're surprised it's not older, to be honest!

The poll of over 1,000 men also showed the biggest sign that British blokes had moved from being a boy to a man was when they felt comfortable in their own skin.

Becoming a father, being a homeowner and having a stable relationship were the other top-rated milestones in becoming an adult for the male species.

And forty per cent wanted to achieve their main goals by the age of 35.

Marcus Buck, Brand Manager of Dove Men Care, said: "Being a man has never been as challenging or rewarding, with British blokes balancing the demands of both a busy work and home life.

"Being truly comfortable in your own skin is key to feeling confident as a man."

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