Yellow ducks containing cash gifts are found in Kent town!

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It's the simple things in life that can really brighten your day - as the residents of a Kentish town are quickly discovering.

A kind benefactor has been scattering little plastic yellow ducks all around Tonbridge, bearing cash for whoever is lucky enough to find them.

At least seven of the bath toys have already been spotted and each has a message asking for the finder to also leave a kind gift behind.

Yellow duck

© Getty Images / Dave King

One that included a £5 note read: "I'm a duck and I have a present. Why not buy a coffee?"

It also added: "Put something else under me and hide me for someone else to find."

What a great way to spread a little festive cheer!

Neil Mitchell, 44, found his duck next to a pub with £10. He bought five lottery tickets and stashed them in a secret place for someone else to find.

The office worker was quoted in the Daily Mirror saying: "I hope people carry it on."

We do too!

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