Mum-of-four is paying for Christmas by selling her breast milk

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We could all do with a bit of extra cash this Christmas and one woman has come up with a unique way of making money - by selling her breast milk.

Rebecca Hudson, a mum-of-four from Manchester, has had massive success peddling her mummy's milk online and can now pay for her whole festive season with the profits.

The 26-year-old decided to start her new business venture after the birth of her youngest child, as she realised she was producing more than enough for just him alone.

Rebecca Hudson, selling her breast milk that will pay for Christmas

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She now has eight regular customers, including a body builder who uses the milk to improve his fitness.

Selling her milk for £12.50 a bottle has made Rebecca and her partner John, 33, an incredible £3,000.

Rebecca was quoted in The Sun saying: "Some think drinking breast milk is disgusting - that's their problem. It's natural and full of vitamins."

Sounds like the "breast" idea she's ever had!

By Lauren Sanderson

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