Paedophile discusses his attraction to children as young as four on TV

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In a shocking documentary, a self-confessed paedophile will be revealing himself on TV tonight to discuss his attraction to small children.

Only known as Eddie, the man in question will show his face on national television for Channel 4's show, The Paedophile Next Door.

Admitting that he likes girls as young as four, he was quoted in The Sun discussing his urges, saying: "I have an age of attraction that starts, depending on the individual, as low as five – roughly four, five or six."

Eddie from The Paedophile Next Door

© Channel 4

Eddie will discuss his attraction to young girls

The former school rugby team captain discovered his chilling compulsions by watching pornography.

But he tells the programme that he has never acted on his desires: "A lot of people automatically assume that because I think or feel that way I am going to potentially going to abuse a child, which in my mind I don't feel I am capable of that kind of thing. I certainly don't want to do that kind of thing."

The 39-year-old also meets Ian McFayden, 49, on the show, who was sexually abused when he was a child by teachers.

Their interchange promises to be explosive, as Ian tells Eddie: "Some years ago, I would probably have attempted to kill you."

Eddie is now receiving treatment in Europe.

The Paedophile Next Door airs tonight on Channel 4, 9pm.

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