Unlucky in love? It may all be down to your DNA!

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Do you find that you're always single, while the rest of your mates are loved up? Well, your DNA might be to blame!

Scientists have conducted an experiment and found that some people may have a "singleton gene".

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Serotonin is a feel-good chemical in brains and it's thought when this is lowered, people are less comfortable being in close relationships.

And those with that have the gene 5-HTA1 have been found to have less serotonin overall.

Researchers at Peking University took hair samples from nearly 600 Chinese students to study the gene and found that out of the two versions, G and C, those with a "G" version were more likely to be single than those with a "C".

What's more, 60 per cent of those in the "G" group were in fact single, compared to 50 per cent in "C"s.

They also found that there no other reasons to explain the links, such as appearance, wealth and influencing relationships.

It's believed that the "G" gene will have less serotonin overall and they're also more likely to be neurotic and suffer from depression.

Researchers in the journal Scientific Reports were quoted in the Daily Mail discussing the findings: "This connection between the "G" allele and psychological disorders might decrease a carrier's dating opportunities or lead to a romantic failure."

So while your heart may want love, your body may not!

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