Woman is given free McDonald's after celebrating 102nd birthday there!

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It's usually children who hold their parties at McDonald's but one woman has defied convention by having burger and fries on her 102nd birthday!

And the fast food chain were so impressed by great great gran Agnes Nelson, they've offered her free food for life. What a great present!

McDonald's meal

© Getty Images / Brian Hagiwara

Agnes, from the Isle of Wight, rode horses until she was 86, so she's never been one to stick by the rules.

So we guess her family weren't suprised when she opted for a Happy Meal rather than a fancy dinner to celebrate her big day.

The ex-cinema projectionist was quoted in The Sun explaining her decision: "I don't like menus or sitting at a table with people looking at you.

"I wanted to sit and get what I wanted. And I like their chips."

Sounds fair enough to us!

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