Bride went on honeymoon with dad when husband's passport didn't arrive!

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When you book your honeymoon, the last thing you imagine is spending it with your parent - but that is exactly what happened to one poor bride!

Newlyweds Katy and Keith Buxey had booked a romantic trip to Disneyland Paris, but Katy ended up taking her dad when her hubby's passport failed to arrive in time.

British passport

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The couple of 13 years had planned to take their two girls Aailyah-Thai, nine, and Abigail, seven, with them on the holiday after their wedding.

But when their big day arrived, Keith's passport had not. Not wanting to disappoint their daughters, Katy, 32, from Portsmouth, had no option but to take her dad, David Worthington.

No doubt Keith, a 34-year-old security guard, was left feeling a bit sorry for himself as he was left at home while his family went to the French theme park.

Supermarket worker Katy was quoted in the Daily Mirror discussing the incident: "It was annoying because we have never been on holiday together. I have always been with my family and the girls. This was going to be our first family holiday together."

But she made sure they still had a good vacation, saying: "It was upsetting I couldn't spend time with Keith, but you just have to get on with it."

The pair are now planning another honeymoon for next year - we hope it goes a bit more smoothly this time!

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