Shallow groom demands divorce after seeing wife's face for first time

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We think one bride had a very lucky escape from her new husband, as he demanded a divorce during their wedding when he saw her face for the very first time.

As it was an arranged marriage, the anonymous pair hadn't met before the ceremony in Medina, Saudi Arabia - and when he laid eyes on her for the first time, it all went horribly wrong.

Bride wearing veil

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The couple had just exchanged vows and were about to make their way down the aisle when the shallow groom exclaimed: "You are not the girl I imagined. I'm sorry – but I divorce you."

How nasty!

Unsurprisingly, the poor bride collapsed in hysterics. But although we imagine she's feeling upset about the humiliation, she'll no doubt look back in relief at the experience. It certainly didn't take him long to show his true colours.

A friend who attended the wedding was quoted in the Daily Mirror saying: "He should appreciate beauty is in the character, not the face."

Hear, hear!

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