Brits will part with £530 for Christmas celebrations!

Published Tuesday, Nov 18 2014, 20:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
Christmas is fast approaching and with the stacks of food, presents and boozy nights you end up paying out for, how much do you'll think you spend?

Well, new research reckons that the average Brit will spend an eye-watering £530 throughout the festive period.

Person Christmas shopping

© Getty Images / Chris Bernard

But despite splashing the cash for the big day, a lot of us can't really afford it and 1.4 million of us will be relying on payday loans to cover the yuletide costs.

And half of shoppers will also turn to overdrafts, credit and store cards to help fund the pricy time.

What's more, the overall cost in the UK for Christmas will be £26billion – £2billion more than last year. Ouch!

The Money Advice Service was quoted in The Mirror discussing our festive finances, saying: "A big debt hangover is the last thing anyone wants. Planning ahead will alleviate some of the pressure."

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